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At Honest Perspectives, we believe that every business has the potential for greatness. Our mission is to help businesses unleash their true potential by providing expert management consulting and customized management coaching solutions.

The Why

  • We do this because we genuinely enjoy solving business challenges for our clients 

  • We want to drive growth through our work and ensure we create sustainable businesses that are in harmony with the planet

The What

  • We provide consulting services in  business strategy, performance & profitability improvement, and M&A

  • Additionally, we can act as a sounding board when you take critical business decisions and support your management teams develop core skills and toolsets for the future (i.e. the ability to address challenges in strategy, operations and M&A with minimal external support) 

The How

  • We believe in a jargon-free, honest and simple communication style 

  • We will report in a format that is practical for your business and allows easy planning and execution 


  • Consulting on demand: If you do not intend to engage us long but are solving a business challenge on your own and need an external perspective; we are willing to have ad-hoc discussions and help you with our insights to structure and solve the problem 

  • We tailor our support and management coaching programs (duration and focus areas) to suit your needs 

No 'games' mentality 

  • We have a transparent pricing model that we will discuss with you upfront 

  • If we can't solve a business challenge for you, we will simply tell you so or point you in the direction of one of our partners who would be able to help you solve it


About the founder 

Sowmitra has over 14 years of experience solving challenging business problems in consulting and industry. Sowmitra holds an MBA in strategy and finance from HEC Paris and has previously worked at Deloitte and EY-Parthenon. Sowmitra has a track-record of delivering high-value, business critical projects.  He takes pride in rolling up his sleeves and working closely with clients to truly understand and solve their challenges.

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A note about our clients and industries

We have served a number of SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises), start-ups and large corporations. Get in touch to learn more. 

Our founder has worked on projects for some of the big names in Financial Services, Technology, Telecom, Pharma, FMCG, retail, Engineering and manufacturing. 

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